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Osteoporosis - Can It Be Reversed?

Half of all women older than 50 will have at least one bone fracture before they die.


That is unbelievable!

What are some steps we can take right now to be on the good half....The half that does NOT have a fracture.

There are real, natural, safe, effective things we can do now to prevent problems later.

We can build bone and set our bodies up to be strong, even when we're old.

Does the answer lie in pharmaceutical treatments like Fosamax and other Bisphosphonates?

Research shows that meds like these will build bone density in the first few years, yet the incidence of fracture increases as well.

Jin et al. did a study on this and concluded:

BP therapy had no detectable mechanical benefit in the specimens examined. Instead, its use was associated with substantially reduced bone strength. This low strength may be due to the greater accumulation of microcracks and a lack of any discernible improvement in bone volume or microarchitecture. This preliminary study suggests that the clinical impact of BP-induced microcrack accumulation may be significant.A. Jin, J. Cobb, U. Hansen, R. Bhattacharya, C. Reinhard, N. Vo, R. Atwood, J. Li, A. Karunaratne, C. Wiles, R. Abel. The effect of long-term bisphosphonate therapy on trabecular bone strength and microcrack density. BoneJoint Res 2017;6:602-609. DOI: 10.1302/2046-3758.610.BJR-2016-0321.R1.

So, clearly (it seems) we may need to take a different approach.

Avoid Flouride and other toxins like pesticides/herbicides and xenobiotics. Avoid steroids if possible.

Get a FULL thyroid panel...not just TSH and Free T4.

What can we do naturally? Our diet is step one:

  1. Eliminate Sugar

  2. Cut out grains (especially gluten)

  3. Avoid PUFA's (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids)

  4. Consume Adequate Protein

  5. Eat More Quality Fat

  6. Gid Rid Of Processed Foods

  7. Eat/Drink Good Quality Bone Broth

Supplements are the second step:

  1. Vitamin D3 with K2

  2. Minerals, including Manganese, Calcium, Boron

  3. Liver Glandulars

  4. Betaine HCL for proper stomach acid

Strength Training is step 3 - Get a trainer if you need help.

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