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Ketogenic Diet - Eat More Fat For Health

Millions of people try to lose weight each year. Sadly most are unsuccessful. Even those who do lose some weight seem to inevitably gain it back again.

In many cases, it's the macro nutrient breakdown that is at fault.

Most people eat too much sugar....and no I"m not just talking about candy, chocolate and ice cream. I'm talking about bread, pasta, muffins, pizza, potatoes and all the other delicious starchy carbs.

There are even some who are still eating low fat diets. Others are trying to eat a low fat, low carb diet...There's nothing left BUT carbs!

Please, please, please don't make this mistake. Eat your fats. Investigate the ketogenic diet.

My daily caloric breakdown is about 70-75% fat, 15-20% protein, and 5-10% net carbs. Net carbs are derived by taking the total carbohydrate minus the fiber.

I've been eating a ketogenic diet since 2015 and as I write this in 2017 my blood work is better than ever. Cholesterol is under 200, triglycerides are under 75. Sugar, insulin and HbA1c are all very low and at the age of 45 my weight is ideal and is the same as when I was in my early twenties.

This video discusses ketosis and it's benefits.

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