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Intermittent Fasting - Stop Eating Breakfast

Dr. Wallace discusses an amazing easy way to increase your health, live longer and feel better....Intermittent fasting.

Like many things in the health arena, it goes contrary to what we've been taught.

Fill in the blank for me..."Breakfast is the most _________ meal of the day".

Ah ha! I knew you'd say that! It's been ingrained in us since childhood. 3 Square meals, eat every 2-3 hours etc. We'll we've been hoodwinked.

Research is showing that periods of fasting is tremendously beneficial to our health.

Both intermittent fasting as well as block fasting both have value and will be explored on this website.

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Thanks for watching!

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“After my first consultation with Dr. Wallace, I knew I was in the right place...” 

—  Kathleen M, Homemaker

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