Dr. Wallace Live - Vacation Edition EMF Stress

We all need to get away to decrease the stress in our lives. I find it best to take a week and remove as much electromagnetic radiation as you can. We use our phones on airplane mode only for pictures.

No facebook, no tv, no computer or ipad. Try to get away from those stresses as much as possible.

It's tough especially for the kids at first, but they always remark that they feel closer as a family and happier during that time.

We can't eliminate EMF totally from our lives, but we have to recognize the potential health effects of these devices. Many of my patients suffer with thyroid dysfunction and there's research that shows some hormones including TSH (a hormone produced by the brain that stimulates the thyroid) is affected by EMF.

This video was live while we were on vacation, sorry I had to push my dog in the water....don't worry though, she loves to swim!

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