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Sardines Are The New Tuna - A Post On Mercury

I spend much of my time during the week in patient

care removing heavy metals from my

Sardines, yummy

chronically ill patients.

One of the most toxic elements on the planet is Mercury. I could do a long post on mercury, however for now, suffice it to say that there are 2 and inorganic mercury.

This post will focus on fish consumption (methyl mercury) rather than amalgam fillings, vaccine additives, coal burning sources and cremation pollutants...(which are all fun topics to be explored as well in future posts).

Mercury is a potent in English it means it severely damages brain and nerves. It also severely affects the immune system, digestive tract, kidneys and essentially every other organ. Alzheimers, Dementia, Lyme, Cancer and Autoimmune diseases are all on the rise.

I get the feeling that most people really don't appreciate the health implications of this toxin.

So on to the fish. I "learned" to like Sardines and Anchovies. My new phrase is "Sardines are the new Tuna". I don't eat any Tuna anymore. I haven't eaten it in over 8 years.

My wife doesn't believe that I really like Sardines or Anchovies, however I actually do. Force yourself to eat it a couple times and you'll be "hooked"....get it?

Here's a great resource to see what your exposure is with regard to Fish consumption.

Notice how little tuna it takes to be over the limit.

So ditch the mercury laden fish and eat some sardines. If you eat enough, you wont have to bother with those fish oil pills anymore.

After you've decreased your INTAKE of Mercury, why not focus on REMOVING the Mercury (and other toxins) that have accumulated over the years in your body tissues?

"Drop us a line", "we'll bite", ask us how we do it!

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