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Putting my son to bed last night, after a few moments of silence, out of the blue he said to me, &qu

"Dad, after I get married and I'm ready to have a baby, shouldn't I do FCT to make sure my baby is healthy?"

Now for the record, my youngest son who posed this question is 10 years old. He is a very "street smart" kid and can pick up on sarcasm with the best of us, however, there were a few things I learned about my son at that very moment...

1. He already knows about the birds and the bees...

2. He listens to me. He really listens...

3. He values health and already understands we live in a toxic world...

The day before this conversation, I had gotten a text message from a patient who was diagnosed with PCOS and Hashimoto's who had found her way to this office about 8 months earlier.

During the consultation, she spoke of how in the past she had been on birth control medication, but hadn't taken it in over 5 years...after all, she'd been through IVF and other fertility treatments in the past with no success, so why take the birth control pills when she couldn't get pregnant anyway.

Although she was in her early 40's and was convinced she was infertile, I told her "Be careful, when the body detoxifies and gets healthy, procreation becomes a priority again!" she laughed and probably thought I was kidding, but I wasn't.

Oh, just to complete the prior thought, the text message from her was to tell me that she was, in fact pregnant. She was overjoyed!

The body knows how to function and thrive if we simply take away the interference...that's what we do here. Whether it's infertility, autoimmune disease, lyme disease, disc herniations, ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, Hashimoto's, headaches it does not matter....all disease has common threads and we can probably help.

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“After my first consultation with Dr. Wallace, I knew I was in the right place...” 

—  Kathleen M, Homemaker

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