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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for Dr. Wallace’s treatment programs?
Not all patients will be accepted into our program. Dr. Wallace will make a determination of treatment acceptance after an initial evaluation.  

Are your treatments safe?
All of what we do is considered conservative care and is very safe. For our thyroid and metabolic programs, there are generally no in-office treatments (unless you were suffering with a musculo-skeletal or neurological condition as well).  Treatments are safe and effective and will stimulate your body to achieve balance.  We continue with monthly follow ups and retesting to stay on track.

I go to a chiropractor now, what is the difference?
Dr. Wallace helps those with all sorts of different maladies including metabolic problems and usual various different symptoms.  Combining metabolic treatments, nutrition, and chiropractic, this is NOT a typical chiropractic office.  You’ll know the difference from after the first visit.

What is the Case Review program all about?
The 2 visit program is a way for you to meet with Dr. Wallace to determine if you are a candidate for care in his office with minimal financial risk. It will allow Dr. Wallace to determine if you meet the criteria for care and if he will accept your case. If you want to continue with treatment after the 2 visits it is entirely up to you. 

Do I need to stop taking my medications?
Please be advised that Dr. Wallace will never tell you to stop taking your medications.  As your symptoms improve during the course of care, Dr. Wallace will recommend that you return to your physician to decide if adjustments of medication levels are warranted.

Will my insurance cover the treatments?
Every insurance policy is different and it depends what we need to do for your particular problem.  The staff at Dr. Wallace’s office will check on your insurance coverage.  We will advise you of any coverage or limitations of coverage before any care is initiated.

How much do your treatments costs?
It varies due to individual patient findings.  There are always out of pocket costs.  After a thorough review of your case, Dr. Wallace will determine the course of care for your specific case.  


“After my first consultation with Dr. Wallace, I knew I was in the right place...” 

—  Kathleen M, Homemaker

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